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Mobile Marketing Stats

Mobile Marketing Stats

Mobile Marketing Statistics:

Mobile is here to Stay and Will Only Grow in Its Influence

When someone is looking to justify their decision, it seems that they can make statistics say anything that they want them to say. However, when it comes to mobile technology, and its place in modern day life, the statistics really do not require any interpretation. They speak for themselves.

If you are in business for yourself, and you have connections to customers, it is likely that you will need to do something in order to adjust to the fact that an increasing number of people are spending more time on their mobile devices.

They are doing many of the same things on their mobile devices that they once did either sitting in front of their television or in front of their computer screen.


Mobile Marketing Statistics

This does not mean that people are getting rid of their television sets or their personal computers. What it does mean is that there are statistical indicators saying that mobile technology is a large part of how we, in our society, are connecting.

This article will examine some of those statistics:

1) People are using their mobile to access the internet. Marketing analysts say that over half of those who connect to the internet, are using some kind of mobile enabled device.

2) People are using search engines while on their mobile phone. Search volume from mobile enabled devices is rising at a shocking rate of over 50%

3) Most of the people who access local searches and local related directories are using mobile phones. Over 20 million users per month are accessing local business directories and review sites.

4) People who purchase the I-Phone do not necessarily spend a good portion of time talking on it. I-Phone users spend less than half of their time making actual telephone calls.

Looking at these four statistics alone is enough to provide insight on how people are using mobile technology. To ignore the fact in your business means that others who don’t ignore this may get the opportunity to service some of your best customers.

While it is true that you can keep your clients with good service and going the extra mile; competitors are doing new things to make shopping and buying easy to do from a mobile phone or device.

Customers are now starting to expect that a company that is serious about their business will make that kind of effort for them. Making the effort will help you to meet new clients and continue the relationship with the ones that you have.

If you would like to reach more customers through their mobile devices, contact Glenn Ferguson at 1-242-327-2453.  And he will help you with the right tools and strategies to take care of your existing customers, get new ones, grow sales, increase profits and save money on your marketing.